We’re having a…


BOY! It’s a boy it’s a boy it’s a boy!

Let’s be honest, we’re pretty much completely floored by this news, and that’s the truth. I had dreams that this baby was a girl, but I guess my dreams and gut feelings aren’t as prophetic as I previously thought. 😉

The ultrasound was funny, because of course the little dude was not interesting in giving us a clear view. I had to shake my hips and the ultrasound tech poked and prodded by belly to get him to move, until we were sure. We could see each little vertebra in his little spine, so that was super cool! And his little feet, too. And… his little boy parts, we saw those too. How embarrassing for this kid, right?! Well, I’ll happily post a picture of a marshmallow peep, but I’m not posting a picture of his peep for the internet to see. Ha!

We’re SO happy to know what we’re having, so we can plan and dream and decide on the name for real. For my part, I am plotting a major baby sewing spree: a quilt! and blankets! and onesies! Eeeeee!


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