16 weeks

(Full-length pic here, just so you can see: our paint-splattered living room floor. Our house has “character.” Yep.)

16 weeks, and I swear I *really* have a bump this time. My boss asked if I was sticking it out. (Maybe a little…)

I had my 16 week OB visit today. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is my favorite part… and in the middle of listening to the heartbeat (153 bpm), we heard a loud noise: the baby moving. Eeee! Speaking of which, I actually felt the baby move for the first time last week! I thought I felt it on Thursday night, but I wasn’t quite sure. Friday night, I felt it again, and this time I was sure. Such a cool feeling! I’ve always heard that it feels like “butterflies” or “popcorn popping,” but I thought it felt like… a baby moving inside me. 😉

Tomorrow is The Big Day: we have an ultrasound scheduled to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I’ve been counting down like it’s Christmas and thinking about it non-stop for days. I have funny mixed feelings about it, though. Most of all: excitement. But mixed in there is knowing that we have both been thinking we’re having a girl, and of course that might not be the case! I guess there’s a sort of finality to knowing, whereas until we know, anything seems possible. Mostly though, really, EXCITEMENT. Whether this is baby is a girl or a boy, I’m so ready to know… and to start sewing all the things.


  • I went to prenatal yoga twice last week, plus I went for a walk almost every day. I feel fantastic!
  • I think I can safely safe that the morning sickness has made an exit. Sometime around week 15, it ended. Did I mention that I feel fantastic?
  • Appetite is back! Salads. Yes.
  • Heartburn has kicked in for reals, but I’m taking Pepcid and that’s keeping it 100% at bay. You know, as long as I remember to take it.

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