Weeks 20 & 21

Yikes, I’ve gotten behind on posting! We still have a picture from each week though.



I continue to feel fantastic—just as long as I remember to take my antacid every morning. I get to feel this little boy move in my belly multiple times throughout the day, and I absolutely love it. I guess what I’m saying is that things are really good 🙂 I have always thought that pregnancy would be magical and I would really enjoy it, but I remember that 3 solid months at the start where I was super disappointed to find that pregnancy was sucking. I’m so so glad to have turned the corner into the fun part, and I’m enjoying it!

We had the 20 week ultrasound last Wednesday (May 7), and it was wonderful. We could see the baby moving all over on the screen! I realized that we were seeing him move his arms and legs, but I couldn’t feel him moving—so when I do feel him moving, he must be doing somersaults and backflips and sun salutations. Here he is performing uttanasana… don’t you wish your hamstrings were that flexible?


Everything looked good on the ultrasound. At the 20 week, they do a detailed anatomy scan, looking at things like the 4 chambers of the heart, and the brain, and the placenta and umbilical cord—so it was really nice to hear that everything looks good. Little boy wouldn’t cooperate 100% so there were some details we couldn’t see. No big deal, it just means we get another ultrasound at 24 weeks, YAY. I can’t wait to see him again. I fall more in love every time. (I cry every time too.)

The ultrasound tech estimated his weight at 14 oz at the time of the ultrasound—almost a full pound! Never mind that I’ve gained about 10 😉

Observations + Notes:

  • I feel the little boy move several times throughout the day, usually in bursts. I guess it wears him out and then he rests for a while! I feel him move more frequently if I’m sitting in a way that cramps his space, or if my clothes or the seatbelt in the car are restricting his space.
  • I am craving SPICY and SOUR foods. We went through a whole jar of jalapeños last week. And last night, I ate a sandwich of pickles and pimiento cheese. So delicious to me right now. (So hilarious if you know how much I *hated* pickles until a year or 2 ago.)
  • On Mother’s Day, I went on a garden tour with my mom. We ended up visiting more public restrooms than gardens, haha, but it was still fun! I kept thinking about how different Mother’s Day will be next year. ❤
  • Every week that goes by, I get more excited about the thought of birthing this little boy and bringing him into the world. I can hardly imagine what it will be like to hold him for the first time, feed him for the first time, bring him home for the first time… but I love trying to imagine it. It’s getting real. Just 4 more months.
  • I love that I’m showing enough now that people feel comfortable talking about babies with me. So far, I haven’t had anyone overstep their bounds at all. People are just so kind and excited for us, and full of stories about their own experiences. My favorite question to ask people is how many kids they have, and how they feel about the sibling relationship. Being an only child myself, I love to hear other folks’ perspective.

17 weeks


This week has been all about adjusting to the idea that we’re having a BOY. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise, but it sure was for us! I’m so glad we found out early. Going to prenatal yoga on Thursday night (so, 2 days after we found out) really helped me feel re-connected with the baby. Now I’m super excited! This little boy is going to be so awesome.

I was reading a childbirth book on Saturday afternoon, and I kept crying… I’m just so excited that in 5 months, I’ll get to give birth to a baby boy. I love him so much already that I think my heart is going to explode. If I love him this much without even meeting him, how is my heart going to make room for how I’ll feel when I get to hold him the first time? It’s magic.

I got to feel the little boy move a lot over the weekend, which is such a wonderful and connecting feeling. Scott even got to feel him on Saturday night! That was pretty much the best thing ever.

Ramblings + Observations

  • I crave crunchy foods all the time. CRUNCHY CRUNCHY CRUNCHY. That’s not a usual craving for me! Tortilla chips, lots of celery in my egg salad, crunchy roasted coconut flakes in my yogurt. Extra-toasty toast. Crisp apple with crunchy peanut butter.
  • I’m also just wanting a lot more food. My appetite is back in full force! I noticed when I ate lunch the other day, that I thought, “I just fed the baby some lunch,” instead of thinking of it as feeding myself.
  • In addition to being super hungry, I’m also super THIRSTY. (And it goes without saying, but I always have to pee. Stop sitting on my bladder, kid!)
  • I have SOOOO much more energy, but my body can’t really keep up with the amount of energy I have. I have to make myself stop to rest frequently, and I have to plan out my tasks so I can get the important things done. I especially have to be careful about things that involve bending over or squatting down, cuz it wears me out!
  • I picked out all the fabrics for baby boy’s quilt on Saturday, and I’m just over the moon about it. Speaking of which, it’s a moon and stars them for the quilt, with aquas and dark blues. I’m planning to cut the fabric into triangles. So exciting!!!
  • Even though I’m worn out, I’m having trouble sleeping. I can’t get comfortable and I can’t stay comfortable. Saturday night/ Sunday morning, I woke up at 4 am! I finally got out of bed at 4:30, and made a snack (crunchy toast, duh), and went back to bed at 5:30. It took me another half hour to fall asleep. What is this shit, y’all?! (So I bought a body pillow, and hopefully that’s going to help.)
  • I had coffee on Saturday… like true, caffeinated iced coffee. I’m not 100% caffeine free, but I only have 1 cup of tea, or an occasional half-caff coffee. I thought I was going to buzz straight out of my skin! And little boy was going crazy in there too. I felt terrible about it and definitely won’t be doing it again—even though I’ve read multiple times that it’s perfectly ok to have 1 cup of coffee a day. No more for this mama! I’m even going to wean off the tea.  We went for a long, 2+ mile walk on Saturday afternoon to work all that caffeine out.
  • Just like last week, I’m trying to get in a walk most days of the week. On weeknights, Scott goes with me. I love it 🙂
  • Scott visited a daycare/preschool open house on Saturday to get information. When I read the packet he brought home, I cried.
  • Heart burn is obnoxious, but as long as I take Pepcid every day, I’m fine.

PS, Hamlet wanted to be in the pictures too.



We’re having a…


BOY! It’s a boy it’s a boy it’s a boy!

Let’s be honest, we’re pretty much completely floored by this news, and that’s the truth. I had dreams that this baby was a girl, but I guess my dreams and gut feelings aren’t as prophetic as I previously thought. 😉

The ultrasound was funny, because of course the little dude was not interesting in giving us a clear view. I had to shake my hips and the ultrasound tech poked and prodded by belly to get him to move, until we were sure. We could see each little vertebra in his little spine, so that was super cool! And his little feet, too. And… his little boy parts, we saw those too. How embarrassing for this kid, right?! Well, I’ll happily post a picture of a marshmallow peep, but I’m not posting a picture of his peep for the internet to see. Ha!

We’re SO happy to know what we’re having, so we can plan and dream and decide on the name for real. For my part, I am plotting a major baby sewing spree: a quilt! and blankets! and onesies! Eeeeee!