22 weeks


We spent last weekend celebrating with my extended family—my grandma turned 90! Check her out in the photo above… she’s the matriarch right there in the center, who doesn’t 90 years old at all. (Good genes. You’re welcome, little baby.) There’s my 22-week belly in the picture, too!

Some notes from this week:

  • I was worried about the 8-hour car ride on our trip, but it turned out fine. We didn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks nearly as often as I expected!
  • My cousin(-in-law? I guess) Leslie got to feel the baby move on Saturday night. That was good stuff 🙂
  • Pickles + cheese = food of the gods. For real. I’m also still into anything spicy, and ice cream. Not together though… yet.
  • This week was the first time that I woke up in the night with wicked foot cramps. OUCH. That really sucked. Let’s not do that again, ok? Ok.
  • I mostly felt great all week, except I was exhausted Wednesday morning. As in, call my husband from work, sobbing and saying, “I’m just so TIRED!” Pregnancy is weird.

One thought on “22 weeks

  1. Hi – congrats on the pregnancy! … just passed 25 weeks myself so a similar stage in adventures 🙂
    Looks like you’re doing really well. Don’t know about you but my bump has been growing like a monster these last few weeks! It’s all fun … Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well & brings you happiness,

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