19 weeks



19 weeks: the baby is the size of a mango (about 6″ long) and weighs about half a pound!

The biggest news at 19 weeks is all the baby movement. This little one has a few wiggle-fests each day and it feels so funny. I was expecting a sort of gentle “butterfly”-like feeling based on what other moms have described, but this feeling is much stronger than butterflies! Wrestling chipmunks, maybe? 😉 It’s enough to make me jump a little and laugh out loud when it happens—usually when I’m sitting, like in the car or at my desk.

I’ve been working on the baby registry on, and mostly I’m just finding it stressful. So many decisions to make! So many things to choose! So much stuff for one tiny person! So expensive! I think I’m just easily overwhelmed these days. I’m trying to calm myself down and focus on the important things, e.g., little dude has to have a carseat to leave the hospital, so that’s more important than selecting among the 8 million types of cloth diapers on the market.

Over the weekend, I sewed up 2 baby blankets and a bunch of burp cloths—both were totally instant gratification projects, but should be super useful. And cute! I also cut up the fabric for the baby’s quilt, which is going to be awesome. I hope he is sentimental enough to keep that quilt forever…

blankets and a basket of burp cloths

minky + flannel blankets // a basket of  terry + flannel burp cloths

Last… here’s an outtake from this week. Dear Mango-baby, I hope your dad makes you laugh as much as he makes me laugh.



One thought on “19 weeks

  1. I’m a week behind you with my 4th so I should know what I need but since I got rid of everything, I’m in the same boat… I can tell you that you need less than you think. Good luck!

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