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I have waited for you.

Today I cleared out the drafts folder of my gmail account (woot!), and I found a draft I’d written to myself that began, “I want to have a baby so bad that I bust out crying… just about every day.” (So heartbreaking!) The draft was written 2 years ago, and it was all about how unfathomable it was to wait another 2.5 years to have a baby. It all seemed so impossible at the time.

Here we are, and that “unfathomable” time line was spot-on. I just want to go back and hug that girl who was wanting so badly. I want to promise her that her turn will come, and it will be worth the wait. I want her to know that the years did fly by, but more importantly, she had SO MUCH FUN over those 2 years.

I will not tell her that we still don’t have the credit cards paid off. Ha! Paying off the credit cards while your husband is in school full time is truly impossible. Laughable, even. Oh, naive Emily from May of 2012 😉



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